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Jewellery has been with us since the beginning of the human era - to celebrate life, to mourn death and most importantly to express who we are. Its shape has evolved immensely from seashells to gold and diamonds but is still with us today all over the world.

Over a long period of time, the technique of jewellery craftsmanship has evolved to achieve more intricate and beautiful designs. At Diamonds from the Sky we combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology - it’s the place where old meets new.

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How We Do It

Jewellery designed just for you.



To maintain complete control over our manufacturing process and ensure optimum quality, we create all our jewellery in Sydney, Australia - from design to completion of each piece.

At Diamonds from the Sky, we use the same precious metal that’s on the surface all the way through - no gold plating, no silver filling. All the precious metals used in our jewellery pieces are made from recycled precious metals.

We are dedicated to creating timeless designs that are build to last.