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Who we are

We are here to make jewellery as beautiful as it can ever be. We are passionate about cultivating a more transparent, sustainable, and compassionate jewelry industry.

Diamonds from the sky

The most sustainable and ethical symbol of love you can have on you finger

Beyond Conflict Free Diamond

We go beyond current standards to offer the most sustainable, ethical and beautiful diamonds ever. All our diamonds used in our jewellery are grown above the ground and are anatomically identical to the purest form of naturally occurring diamonds.

No more worrying about people risking their lives for not enough money in dangerous mining conditions somewhere overseas and vulnerable ecosystems been destroyed. We believe that ethical doesn’t mean sacrificing the beautiful things that have become so symbolic in our society but it does mean changing the way we acquire them.

about Our Diamonds

From our personalised shopping experience to our bespoke jewellery designs, we are here to make your dream ring come to life. We strive to create a enjoyable and memorable experience for your special occasions.

How we do it