About Diamonds from the Sky

Diamonds from the sky - the most sustainable and ethical symbol of love you can ever have on your finger.

Wedding ring couple hand - Diamonds from the Sky

Our mission

We are the Australian first lab grown diamond startup, on our mission to grow chemically and physically identical diamonds to those coming from the ground.

No more worrying about people risking their lives for not enough money in dangerous mining conditions overseas somewhere and vulnerable ecosystems been destroyed.

Ethical doesn’t mean sacrificing the beautiful things that have become so symbolic in our society but it does mean changing the way we acquire them.

Engagement ring in polishing - Diamonds from the Sky

About our metal

Every single product has been carefully designed and proudly manufactured here in Sydney, Australia. All the material used in our jewellery pieces including silver and gold are not imported but instead sourced exclusively from Australian sites made from recycled precious metals.


Founder of Diamonds from the Sky

Mana Ohori

Mana Ohori Founder - Diamonds from the Sky

When Mana’s enthusiasm for social justice and environment met her passion for craftsmanship, Diamonds From the Sky was born.

Mana is a Japanese-Australian material scientist with over two years hands-on experience in the precious metal casting industry. Her deep understanding of jewellery design and manufacturing have married perfectly with her natural artistry.

She loves bringing unique and special jewellery designs into the world with her own hands.